Create Financial and Artistic Prosperity

So You Can Free Up Your Time And Build A Lasting Legacy, Without Sacrificing Your Artistic Dreams, Family Life or Self Care

A Transformative 12-Month Business Mentorship Program for

Musicians, Music Educators, and Arts Leaders

Presented By Dr. Fabiana Claure,
Pianist and Business Coach for Musicians


If you’re anything like most musicians, chances are you’re thinking…

You can’t have a music business that feeds your artistic soul AND makes money that’s just not how the world works. So I’ll always have to choose one or the other – and never be fully satisfied.”

I get it, of course. That’s what the music industry has taught us all to believe for so long – and it keeps us controlled and trapped in low-paying, soul-destroying jobs, because we don’t believe there’s any other way to make a living as a musician–entrepreneur.

What if you could incorporate your artistic projects into your business activities so that you can achieve both financial freedom AND creative fulfillment?

Could this be for you?

If you are someone who:

  • Pursues many activities as a multi-faceted musician and wants to gain clarity and direction in order to maximize your career potential and financial opportunities
  • Gets excited by the thought of creating an overarching brand that will allow you to unify our strengths, increase your income and artistic fulfillment, magnify the overall impact of your work, while also balancing family life and other personal priorities
  • No longer wants to be caught up in a hamster-wheel lifestyle, and instead is committed to living an artistically-fulfilled, purpose-driven, family-centered, and financially-empowered life.
  • Wants to create more space for self-care and family time in a way that allows you to keep the momentum in your artistic and business endeavors⁣
  • Is skilled as a musician and is willing to explore how your non-musical skills could also be an important asset to help design and execute a career building project.
  • Wants to feel part of a larger community of like-minded musicians and build meaningful relationships.
  • Values feeling a sense of empowerment towards your career and is interested in taking action to accomplish your goals.

Then you may be the perfect fit for the Musician's Profit Umbrella® business mentorship program!


Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

" I just made 101k this year with the help of Fabiana Claure!

"Over the past thirty years, I have been a professional cellist. I have played with a wide range of inspiring groups and musicians. For several years, I have performed in the Cirque du Soleil "O" show, singing and playing the cello on stage beneath two Russian twin trapeze artists as she walked in front of a swimming pool.


I have also performed with symphonies all across the United States.


I wrapped up my first program launch and enrolled 5 clients for a total of $25K! I also made 5k yesterday to reach my yearly goal. I am celebrating the support of Fabiana Claure, coach extraordinaire, and trusting in her to help me to work daily to access and nurture my musician entrepreneur persona."

Marcie Brown
The Cello Guru, professional cellist

for over thirty years

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

"Thanks to Fabiana's approach to 'let's create something that is about all of you, all of your skillset,’ I am bravely ready to step into that world...”

“It was a crazy leap of faith…I thought ‘I’ll learn how to create an online business’…I did get all of that, in the program with Fabiana, but I got so much more. For me, the deep dive into the personal, inner work that Fabiana talked about was a huge takeaway I wasn’t expecting. Thanks to Fabiana’s approach to ‘let’s create something that is about all of you, all of your skillset,’ I am bravely ready to step into that world and say this is my authority, what I’m about, and I have something to offer, and I’m ready to serve and support musicians”

Dr. Cara Chowning
Collaborative Pianist and Vocal Coach at Ball State University

What got you to this point in your life is not necessarily the way you will get to the next.
Something needs to change.

I understand.

I’ve experienced first hand how challenging it can be to balance artistic, professional, and personal pursuits.

Even though I had been a pianist all my life, as I completed my doctoral degree and became a business owner, and later a mother, I found myself in moments where my artistic side took a backseat.

I was pursuing a highly successful career but was overly consumed by my business and could not find a justifiable way to create artistic projects that would align in synergy with my entrepreneurial endeavors.

There was something missing. This caused me great sadness, burnout, and even grief for a life that once was active as a performing musician.

When I delegated my music academy and became a University music entrepreneurship educator, I helped hundreds of musicians build businesses and pursue their dream careers. In the process, I discovered how to change my reality to be able to fulfill my own artistic, professional, personal, and financial goals.

I was able to bring back my artistry in a way that became an integral part of my life, my brand, and my business.

The best part of it was that this approach helped me be more efficient and flowing in my professional activities while also enabling me to create new income opportunities!

The truth is, the world is changing. The gatekeepers of the classical music industry no longer have the control – access to music performances and teaching is longer in their tight grip.

And that means there are worlds of opportunities opening up for you to get out there and not only create the kind of music business that lights up your creative spirit …

But also connect directly with people who are crying out for your genius, and will happily pay for it…!

This is the entrepreneurial approach from which I've designed my life, and from which I help my clients design theirs.

“After taking the program, I found a clearer vision for my future, felt ease in my everyday work, and created bigger dreams to aspire to... I have now tripled my rates compared to a year ago.”

“Before the program I felt like I was stuck in the swamp of the never ending hard work and it seemed there was no way out. After taking the program, I found a clearer vision for my future, felt ease in my everyday work, and created bigger dreams to aspire to. I feel confident that I have a meaningful service to offer to the world, and I am not afraid to connect with people and tell them about it.

It is exciting to know that this is only the beginning of the journey and not feeling like at a dead end. I am mostly thrilled about finding a path forward and gaining confidence. I used to doubt and second guess most of my decisions, and proceed very carefully with every step. That not only took a long time to do anything, but also was mentally exhausting. MPU was definitely a transformative experience for me. The program is valuable for anyone who is struggling with finding direction and clarity in their endeavors.

I now find myself in a fearless state of action, I don’t worry as much, and in general feel more in control of my thoughts. I am no longer a victim of my environment and it feels liberating. Fabiana is a great coach – knowledgeable, passionate, honest, firm yet compassionate – and her determination and persistence is admirable.

Dr. Irina Pevzner
Executive Director and Piano Professor at Charleston Academy of Music

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available


Waking up every day excited about the client meetings you have on your calendar…​

Checking your email and seeing a new message from someone who can’t wait to work with you…

Taking time in the mornings to practice your instrument knowing that it brings balance and success to your business and your life...

Planning for a weekend getaway with your family because you finally have the freedom to disconnect from your work when you choose to without feeling guilty…

And smile as you realize that the journey of the past 12 months was FUN and exciting...and you can’t wait to see what’s next!

I want that for you!

There IS a way to build a profitable music business that also feeds your artistic soul.
And the quickest way to get there is with my
business mentorship program:


Create Financial Prosperity - Without Sacrificing Your Artistic Dreams or Family Life

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

Enrollment is now open. Limited spots available!

Program details

The Musicians Profit Umbrella® 12-month experience will include weekly, monthly, and quarterly training & inspiration delivered in a combination of:

Direct and highly personalized support from Fabiana and her team for the entire 12-months

An extensive training vault you can learn from at your own pace covering a wide range of topics including online and scalable music business models, marketing, customer research and job-searching strategies, mindset concepts, implementation tools, actionable-steps guides + more

Templates and swipe files for rapid implementation

Live video group accountability calls 3 x month with Fabiana for personalized feedback

Weekly strategic advisory sessions presented by Fabiana

Quarterly strategic planning retreats with Fabiana and guest speakers to activate your business growth and take a high-level overview of the best next steps for your business.

Monthly implementation sessions for increased accountability

A private online group where members can request direct feedback from Fabiana and her team on a regular basis and also connect with fellow program members

Group community and pod meetings with opportunities for relationship building, collaboration, motivation, accountability, and a larger built-in support system

Monthly bonus sessions with inner-circle guest experts

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

Real Clients, Real Results

What to expect

When you complete this program and have created and implemented your very own Musician’s Profit Umbrella®, you will be in a place where you finally understand how the various facets of what you do and who you are can become assets and allow you to create new income while also significantly freeing up your time.

You’ll be able to enjoy living in a reality where not only are you helping others through your expertise, but you’ll also be constantly learning and growing through your business and through your pursuits of creative and artistic projects. You will be able to dedicate quality time to your family and kids, without having financial worries that don’t let you be truly present.

You’ll have developed the skills and mindset to enable you to reiterate this blueprint in as many versions of your Musician’s Profit Umbrella® as you’d like to. You’ll understand the steps needed to turn a concept into reality and to develop a robust business infrastructure behind any idea that you may wish to develop later on.

How I created a brand umbrella that brought me financial freedom and creative fulfillment.


I create financial and artistic prosperity for musicians so they can win back their time and build a legacy – without sacrificing their quality of life. As a concert pianist, University educator, entrepreneur, and business coach for musicians, I’ve helped thousands of musicians create new income.

Prior to becoming a business coach for musicians, I co-founded a nationally-featured music academy called Superior Academy of Music, which I’ve had now for the past ten years - and the last five years it has been run remotely across the country.

I was the Founder and Director of the University of North Texas Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program for five years. In this role, I spearheaded the creation of a major initiative that helped musicians launch their own businesses, win tenure-track University teaching positions, and gain arts administration jobs. The program was ranked among the top 15 music business schools in the country by Billboard Magazine during the entire 5 years I was leading it. I’ve also maintained an active performing career playing in venues nationally, internationally, and virtually.

In 2020 I launched my signature business mentorship program, The Musician’s Profit Umbrella, which helps musicians all around the world package their skills into a profitable and scalable online teaching or coaching business. My clients have been able to create new income streams, triple their rates, step out of overwhelm and burnout, and design a completely new way of living.

This year, I took the entrepreneurial plunge and quit my full-time University job in order to focus on creating a lifestyle that embraces ease and flow, free from burnout, and that allows me to focus on my coaching business, my performing/speaking career, my family, and my overall state of wellbeing. I now help musicians unify their skills to create rapid financial expansion and purposefully design their lives in alignment with their values and lifestyle goals.

Designing my brand umbrella also allowed me to keep my artistic side alive by creating several projects that blended my various interests and personal background, such as “A Piano Journey Through Latin-America” and most recently a multimedia lecture-recital called “Women as Musician Entrepreneurs.”

Using this approach, I’ve also helped my coaching clients develop their businesses through a renewed sense of artistic inspiration that led to action and positive results reflective of their full beings.

I believe that by creating our own "brand umbrella" businesses, we can truly design our lives and achieve an empowered lifestyle that allow us to build financial freedom in a way that remains in alignment with our values and beliefs - without burnout and overwhelm!

Because of what I’ve been through and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, I’m now on a mission to help musicians and arts leaders become artistically and financially empowered to pursue a career path that inspires them while positively impacting those around them.

"I just made the necessary adjustments in my own finances in order to pay for Fabiana and to pay for her amazing program, and I’m so glad that I did…

“What I’ve come to discover and what I’ve since found out about myself is that really we afford anything we want to afford and I just made the necessary adjustments in my own finances in order to pay for Fabiana and to pay for her amazing program and I’m so glad that I did…..Fabiana has been a great sense of support and a great sense of peace because it is a rollercoaster ride when you decide to break out and do something like this.”

Dr. Denise Ritter
Author, Coach, Professor and Curriculum Developer, Director of Vocal Studies at Radford University

Through the Musician’s Profit Umbrella®, I’ll guide you and offer you personalized support to effectively structure yourself and/or your organization around a larger all-encompassing brand umbrella.

  • Using innovative, scalable online music business models and forward-thinking industry trends, I’ll teach you key business principles and show you how these apply to the context of music and a career in the arts.
  • I’ll also share specific tools and resources to help you understand and discover how this brand umbrella can facilitate a deep transformation for yourself as well as for your audiences or clients.

The Best Part of This

You’ll learn the specific strategies and tools I used over the past 10 years to:

  • Create a multi-six figure business that now runs in another part of the country – without me
  • Win a University position and place the program on top national rankings
  • Create multiple artistic programs and book performances around the country
  • Create a six-figure online coaching business for musicians amidst a global pandemic, working a full-time job, and co-parenting my two little boys
  • Integrate my creative and artistic projects INTO my business
  • Help hundreds of other musicians do the same

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

My Musician's Profit Umbrella® 5-Step Process
for Unlocking Financial Prosperity

Phase 1

Internalize - Looking Inward and Clarifying Your Purpose

We'll guide you in creating an internal assessment that will help you clarify your vision, understanding your soul essence, and prompt you to make decisions regarding what to grow and what to eliminate or phase out in your life. We’ll address mental blocks and help reframe your perspective on what can be possible for your career and for your life.

Phase 2

Investigate - Looking Outward and Discovering Opportunities

We'll show you how to explore your market and discover problems that need solutions. We'll guide you into learning how to research existing models and get inspiration from examples of musicians and/or arts organizations who’ve demonstrated the successful results of creating a brand umbrella. You’ll learn how to research the needs of potential clients and understand how to match your skills with true problems for your industry.

Phase 3

Integrate - Packaging your skills and designing your signature program

Based on all the findings from phase 2, We'll help you understand how to solidify what solution you could provide based on the existing options and problem points both for your audiences/clients as well as for yourself. We'll help you objectively conceptualize what activities could seem most appealing and effective given your unique interests and backgrounds. We'll help you understand how to integrate all the different elements of your personal, professional, and artistic identity into your business so that you can create a financial engine that also gives you a reason to continue practicing and developing your artistic projects. You'll decide whether you want to create something new or expand on what you are already doing, in a way that creates more exponential growth and impact. In this phase, you’ll clarify your offering, pricing, timeline, and financial projections.

Phase 4

Implement - and Take Action

Here we'll guide you on implementing the action steps outlined in phases 3 and 4 and will continue refining your plan as interactions occur with your intended audiences and clients. Here is where the process becomes more daring as you will be proactively creating the needed visibility to get people around you and to gain attention to your business proposition. We'll show you how to pursue as many interactions as possible with your intended clients and refine your business plan based on feedback and concerns expressed in these interactions.

Phase 5

Improve - Refine and Scale

In this final phase, we'll help you consolidate everything you’ve created in this experience and review what worked and what didn’t. Together we’ll strategize which elements of the business can stay and which may need to be modified or eliminated. We'll also discuss team-building strategies and connect you with a variety of resources to help you scale your business in a sustainable way and avoid burnout. By reflecting, reviewing, and revising what you’ve done and how your umbrella brand was received in the world, you’ll be able to strengthen your business and develop valuable tools to continue your entrepreneurial journey and scale with clarity, purpose, artistic fulfillment, and financial freedom.

Exploring new possibilities

I believe in a new reality where through all the challenges we are living as a society today, musicians can take inspired action that creates artistic and financial opportunities for themselves.
Through my work and experience as a pianist, educator, entrepreneur, and business coach for musicians, I will help you:

  • Unite all the various aspects of your personal and professional life in order to create a more impactful and profitable brand
  • Design a financially empowered life that also incorporates your artistic, creative, and personal interests
  • Balance your current professional and artistic projects in a financially sustainable way, while still being able to support and be there for your family
  • Create a lifestyle and routine in which you feel inspired and challenged on a regular basis, impacting your overall sense of fulfillment⁣
  • Restructure your professional projects and normal schedule to be able to spend more time with what matters most to you

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

“After working with Fabiana, I can say that I have a lot more clarity, I’m very centered with my vision, I’m very motivated, and I’m not stopping now”

You’re not gonna go anywhere if you are sitting back or along the fence, If you are interested in moving forward and working with Fabiana, really be open-minded on what you are going to get on the opposite end… it took me a few days to really process: is this the investment I want to make? Is this what I really need? I’m a person who really values my time over finances, and that’s the question that I needed to ask myself. I asked myself is this what I really need, in the end, I did say yes to it, and I’m glad I did.”

Jessica Muñiz-Collado
Composer, percussionist, University educator, and NIZCO Music Founder,

What sets The Musician’s Profit Umbrella® program apart?

I’ve been on both sides of the music and business worlds and I know what it’s like to create a professional music career and several businesses, while also raising kids and taking care of my family.

A key differentiator in my program is the fact that I’ve not only learned about these skills by being a professional musician and researching the field of the music business and entrepreneurship, but I’ve also actually experienced what it’s like to start and successfully run a business through my music academy, strategically delegate it to continue running without me, and successfully expand my expertise and impact through a thriving online coaching business.

As a music entrepreneurship educator, I’ve learned how to break down key steps and business strategies in order to effectively teach other musicians how to create their businesses and launch their careers without sacrificing their artistic dreams or family life.

In addition to creating businesses and income opportunities for myself, I’ve also learned how to leverage my expertise in a way that made me stand out and become invited to lead a University music business program.

I’m deeply committed to helping musicians ignite their limitless life through financial empowerment and creative fulfillment - without burnout and overwhelm.

Yes, I want this!

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs this?

This program is best suited for musicians and creatives who want to create or expand the work they are currently doing into highly profitable music teaching or coaching businesses online. This isn’t for anyone desperate to make money right this second-not that our clients don’t do that, but that desperation repels and slows our process. If you are desperate or financially unstable, this isn’t the program for you. If you’re a musician or other creative, you’re fun, you’re a leader, you’re confident and execute quickly, and you’re driven to invest in yourself to grow, you should apply.

Do I need to have a clear idea of the business I want to create in the program?

It is not necessary for you to have a clear idea of your business concept upon entering the program. In fact, the reason you want to join the program is to get support, structure, and accountability to help you clarify your vision and design a business that will be in alignment with your values and desires. You can’t wait for clarity to take action. You have to take action in order to gain clarity. 

Are there any payment plan options and funding assistance opportunities?

Yes, we do offer payment plan options. We have also partnered with an external funding company that will provide long-term financing options for qualified applicants. 

What’s the format? Is this a course?

No, this is decidedly not a course. Who has time for courses anymore? This is a business mentorship program with a combination of group and 1:1 support. Your results are the most important part of this, and this program is built to support you with a mixture of group and individualized attention. Fabiana also presents a weekly Strategy Advisory session inside our private client FB group each Monday giving the most important high-level and tactical strategies to focus on each week based on the ever changing trends and needs of the music industry.

How much time commitment will it require per week to get the most results?

This is entirely up to you. Because the MPU trainings are all available to you immediately upon enrolling, you can decide how quickly you wish to consume the content. The only thing you should reserve on your weekly schedule is our 2-hour group accountability call each week on Wednesdays from 1-3pm CT. Other than that, you can spend as much time as your schedule allows each week to learn the strategies, ask questions, and receive support as you go through our Musician’s Profit Umbrella training vault. Ideally, you should dedicate at least 1 hour a day to go over our curriculum and have the information you need to be able to gradually build your business. 

Do you have client success stories?

You can see all our client success stories by visiting the MPU program’s page. Our clients have gone on to create online music businesses in a variety of spaces, from music teaching and coaching businesses to personal development programs and beyond. These can all be searched through their individual names. 

Will I get access to everything at once?

You bet – she’s all yours. Upon enrolling in the program, you’ll receive access to any and all parts of the MPU for the duration of your time in the program. Your results are the most important part of this, and this program is built to support you.

How much does it cost?
The Musician’s Profit Umbrella® Business Mentorship Program has a variety of support levels and investment options depending on your stage in business. Prices range from $10,000 to $40,000 for the 12-month program, depending on the program level and coaching support you'd need. For more details,
apply now so we can discuss which program would be the best fit for you based on your stage in business.

What happens once I enroll?

First things first. We’ve gotta make sure this is the right fit for you. If it isn’t, we’ll send you on your way with the right resource. So, the first thing to do is to book a call with me. Then, if we decide this is the best next step for you, once you enroll, you get you access to our extensive training vault and our Facebook group, where you’ll introduce yourself to the community, and then you’ll dive in there, checking out resources, attending Zoom calls, and participating to your heart’s content.

Will I need to hire additional support - or will this cover all of my needs?

This is everything you need to give yourself a strong foundation, and get the majority of your business development steps in order. However, there are a few places we’ll recommend hiring extra help to allow you to focus on what matters most for your business: If you’d like to create a new website, or design a fancy sales page for your program,  incorporate your new business, or other legal, accounting, or tech-related things, for example. 

Can I have a team member participate in the program alongside me?

Yes, as long as it is a full-time team member, you can have this person go through the curriculum alongside you and receive support in implementing all the strategies you'll need to get results in your business.

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

What recent MPU participants are saying

“I’m in a completely different place. can’t [go] back to where I was! I am not in the same place that I was six months ago in many ways.  I have really learned and accepted my value as a musician and teacher in my community and now online “world.”  The support in this group has been amazing.  I’ve learned how there are so many more possibilities than what I once thought.”


“I am much more aware of what is possible for online business, confidence that I can do this myself, and better awareness of the whole world of online coaching.”

“I had appreciation and excitement then – I still feel that, and also pretty amazed at how much we have been through as a group! I have more clarity in a way I didn’t before. I’ll always be growing but feel good about the direction!”


“I realized and changed the way I think about how to reach out to people – I can be more forthcoming to ask people. I also realized so many musicians are craving for this information because so many schools do not give what’s relevant for musicians, and I realize that I am worth something in so many areas. I am more tech savvy than before.”

“I am just so much more aware of possibilities for my career and life. These months have been such a journey on so many levels. I am ready to step into my best self and to put myself in a place of service, unafraid of what “might’ or “might not” happen. I haven’t been willing to be truly vulnerable in a long time so I am grateful for that as well as the tools to put something that is totally mine in place.”


“So much has changed, and I couldn’t say what one thing is the most significant, but I certainly feel more confident overall as an ‘entrepreneur’ – I know I have a lot to learn, but I can identify myself in this space more than I could before.”

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

“She understood things about me that I didn't even know about myself...”

“Fabiana understands so many elements of every aspect of our lives as musicians, to the point that she understood things about me that I didn’t even know about myself. Since working with Fabiana I’ve learned so much about the nuts and bolts of being an entrepreneurial musician…”

Valerie Dueck
Pianist, Coach, and Piano Professor

“Reality, creativity, and persistence, is the Fabiana formula that gets you to where you want to go...”

“Rarely when we start are we thinking of how we’re going to reconcile that vision of an artist with financial reality. One of the most important things that Dr. Claure starts is breaking down what the reality of what our industry is: how we make money, what streams of income there are, what opportunities there are, what the data says about who is or isn’t successful. First of all, understanding what that is, and then being able to reconcile some of our more personal needs into that reality….however, while that reality might be jarring to a musician, the next step is developing that sense of creativity.”

Carson Dorsey
Soprano and Senior Digital Presence Manager at Gannett / USA TODAY NETWORK.

Payment Plans and Funding Assistance Available

“Fabiana’s fabulous at seeing you, and your particular situation, and speaking wisdom to that, and helping you see a side of yourself that is not a side you’ve seen or willing to acknowledge.”

Fabiana's really great at creating a space that feels safe for you to dig deep and a community that is engaging and supportive , and that’s really important when we are challenging ourselves to stretch into new spaces. She’s fabulous at seeing you, and your particular situation, and speaking wisdom to that, and helping you see a side of yourself that is not a side you’ve seen or willing to acknowledge.

Since then it’s as if all that deep work was roots going down and now the bud can come up and the plant can sprout and it can come into fruition. It’s been fun to see how my voice has blossomed, and I have ideas for what I want to do, and I’m starting to implement them, and I don’t think that would have been possible without all that deep internal work, and seeing the possibilities, because this was a huge mental shift for me from being an academic to seeing myself as an academic and all kinds of other things

Dr. Rachelle Davis
Violinist and University Music Professor

“I am so excited for the direction I am heading with my business!”

“I have experienced such change in the MPU program, that the only way I have to move is forward. Fabiana has shown me a new model for teaching and running my business that I didn’t know existed. Even though I’m in the developing stages of my business, she continues to propel me in the right direction.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Fabiana and the MPU program! Fabiana has blown me away with the content for this program and I am so excited for the direction I am heading with my business! I have made great strides in my own personal transformation that I didn’t expect. This program is life-changing if you are willing to do the work. Fabiana is the real deal and her authenticity is evident in how she teaches, coaches, performs, and interacts individually and with a group. ”

Kerri Turner
Pianist and Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, President of Pensacola Music Teachers Association

“I am a better educator, entrepreneur, and life-long learner because of this amazing coaching program with Fabiana!”

“I knew that I needed to expand my personal and professional horizons in a new way, but wasn’t sure how. Working with Fabiana Claure as a coach and within the MPU program of support was exactly what I needed. I discovered the clarity, encouragement and engagement I was searching for, along with the camaraderie and mentoring this type of ongoing journey requires.

Looking at my career and life through a new lens required careful direction, nurturing and sometimes a big push into unknown experiences. If you need a one-stop shop to pull together your superpowers, learn more about who you are, what you want to give to the world and have consistent support while accomplishing all – look no further than Fabiana Claure and her MPU program. I am a better educator, entrepreneur, and life-long learner because of this amazing coaching program with Fabiana! If you are considering working with her, do not hesitate! I’m forever changed in the best way possible!”

Courtney Blankenship
Director of Music Business at Western Illinois University, Personal Harmony Coach

“I learned profoundly about connecting my identity and my content to be sustainable and meaningful for years to come.”

“I have been friends with Fabiana before taking this course, and I have always admired her music business experience chops. During this program, her knowledge was communicated in a compassionate, encouraging, and supportive way with her highest commitment. She has been inspiring, knowing exactly how to do and what to do.

I found the MPU to be a very personable program in a group setting. Fabiana’s experience as a business owner and a professor made sense so much during the training. This program pushed my comfort zone and realized my confidence; thus, I grew more as a human being. I learned profoundly about connecting my identity and my content to be sustainable and meaningful for years to come.”

Dr. Mihoko Watanabe
Professor of Flute and Chair of the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Music program at Ball State University

“What I learned in the past months is probably more than what I had learned in the past 10 years.”

“You are an amazing inspiration. Your program has never stopped giving me wide eye-opening experiences. What I learned in the past months is probably more that what I had learned in the past 10 years. Thank you so much for all your hard work, energy, guidance, and support in our journey.”

Stacie Yao
Pianist and Director of Music at St. Gabriel the Archangel, Glenn Rock, New Jersey

“I still utilize some of Fabiana's techniques and methods.”

“Before I started working with Fabiana I was interested in becoming more entrepreneurial but had not fully embraced the practice as a lifestyle. After studying with her, I developed far better insight into the implementation of music entrepreneurship into my professional career and my business.

I now serve as Assistant Professor of Arts Management & Entrepreneurship at Baldwin Wallace University, where I still utilize some of Fabiana’s techniques and methods from my time as her student as well as in the day to day operations of my business.”

Dr. Sean Murphy
Saxophonist/Entrepreneur, Assistant Professor of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at Baldwin Wallace University

“She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music.”

“I want to thank Professor Fabiana Claure for helping me finish my website and for helping me build my music career. I took Professor Claure’s Music Entrepreneurship and Career Development class and she helped me with my vision of building a music school for children by helping me develop a 15-page business plan (with powerpoint slides that illustrate the plan) to pitch to potential investors after graduation.
She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music.”

Jackson Eli
Guitarist, Performer, Teacher

“With Dr. Claure's assistance, I was able to adjust and fine-tune in ways I wasn't able to do on my own.”

“Before working with Dr. Claure, I knew that I had a good idea but wasn’t sure how to make my idea into a full-blown business. My biggest fear was wasting time and money on a business that wouldn’t be successful. I was struggling with how to put it all together.
I already have a small business that is doing well but I built that without a focused plan, just an idea, hope and passion.

I now have something to execute to and keep me focused and on track. I was able to see the holes in my plan.
With Dr. Claure’s assistance I was able to adjust and fine-tune in ways I wasn’t able to do on my own. Right now I am in the building process with my technology, it will be a while before I can launch, but I know when my online program is ready, I will be ready to sell it and market it successfully.”

Whitney James
Jazz Singer

“The experience was unparalleled...”

“I was a part of the inaugural class of students to take Dr. Claure’s music entrepreneurship courses at UNT. My time in Dr. Claure’s courses was positive and helpful, equipping me with additional tools to grow and sharpen my business acumen as a musical entrepreneur. The experience was unparalleled in that it was not just an entrepreneurship course, but one specifically geared towards me as both a singer-songwriter and music therapist running an arts-based health and wellness business.”

Kamica King, MA, MT-BC
Singer-Songwriter, Board Certified Music Therapist

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