Dr. Fabiana Claure

Pianist and Business Coach for Musicians



A FREE 60-Minute Guide To Packaging Your Skills Into a Profitable Online Music Business

Learn how to create an online music business that:

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Musicians often struggle to create a unified sense of identity through all the different sides of their professional pursuits. They live in an eternal hamster-wheel rhythm of life, struggle to reach financial freedom through their art, and can end up feeling burned out and overwhelmed. With the Musician’s Profit Umbrella® Free Training, you will follow a proven process that has helped hundreds of musicians create successful music businesses - without sacrificing their artistic dreams or family life.

Imagine if you could unite all the aspects of your personal and professional life in order to create a more prosperous life as a musician, you'll create a high-end music teaching and/or coaching program that will provide you with a proven step-by-step framework so you can create a profitable new income stream while also integrating your creative and artistic experience.

Through my Musician's Profit Umbrella® Free Training, I’ll show you how to gain clarity and create a cohesive structure for your business by uniting all your strengths and passions.

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