In this 2-Day LIVE experience, you’ll learn how to create a magnetic personal brand as a musician and become more visible so that you’re in a position to sell your high-end offer with ease.


What if you already have the skills and knowledge that it takes to charge high-end prices, but your personal brand is holding you back?

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of musicians to help them package their skills and experience into powerful personal brands that unlock personal freedom and professional fulfillment.

Especially in this critical moment, in the midst of #thegreatresignation (a current cultural phenomenon where thousands of people are quitting their jobs in pursuit of more freedom and fulfillment.)

If you’re anything like many of the musicians I’ve worked with, right now you feel like: 

  • You need to keep your identities as an educator, performer, and teacher in separate silos.
  • You’re afraid of being judged by your peers as you become more visible. 
  • You don’t quite understand the connection between personal branding and being able to charge high-ticket prices. 
  • You got some amazing momentum in my 5-Day masterclass, but you need more guidance on how to actually get people to buy your high-ticket offer. 
  • Quitting your job because there’s not enough flexibility and you’re feeling burned out with your current situation.


Stand Out Online

A 2-Day Virtual Retreat for Musicians
Thursday, September 23rd & Friday, September 24th, 2021
from 9am - 3pm CDT

Hosted by Dr. Fabiana Claure

Pianist and Business Strategist for Musicians
Founder and CEO of The Musician’s Profit Umbrella
® Program

We'll also be featuring guest experts on all things related to building a powerful online presence!

At this event, you’ll learn exactly how to: 

  • Cohesively put together your skill sets to create a magnetic personal brand. 
  • Take inventory of your skills both as a musician and as a person to start figuring out which pieces are going to be most compelling to help you sell high-end offers.  
  • Find out why you don’t need to become someone else to build a magnetic personal brand. You already have the necessary skills and experience!
  • Why your personal brand is so important to enabling you to sell high-end packages, just like the one we designed in the 5-Day Masterclass. 
  • Find out why high-end purchases are emotional decisions and start uncovering what your clients are actually craving from you. 
  • How to start dismantling the different silos of your personal and professional life to build a cohesive brand that feels great to embody! 
  • Learn why personal branding is your KEY to start selling high-end offers and creating a life of more freedom and creative fulfillment for yourself.

"For me, the deep dive into the personal, inner work that Fabiana talked about was a huge takeaway I wasn’t expecting.

Thanks to Fabiana’s approach to ‘let’s create something that is about all of you, all of your skillset,’ I am bravely ready to step into that world and say this is my authority, what I’m about, and I have something to offer, and I’m ready to serve and support musicians”

Dr. Cara Chowning

Collaborative Pianist and Vocal Coach at Ball State University

After taking the program, I found a clearer vision for my future, felt ease in my everyday work, and created bigger dreams to aspire to.

Before the program I felt like I was stuck in the swamp of the never ending hard work and it seemed there was no way out.I feel confident that I have a meaningful service to offer to the world, and I am not afraid to connect with people and tell them about it. 

Dr. Irina Pevzner

Executive Director and Piano Professor at Charleston Academy of Music

Since working with Fabiana I’ve learned so much about the nuts and bolts of being an entrepreneurial musician

Fabiana understands so many elements of every aspect of our lives as musicians, to the point that she understood things about me that I didn’t even know about myself.”

Valerie Dueck

Pianist, Coach, and Piano Professor

About me

Hi, I’m Fabiana Claure, 

I create financial and artistic prosperity for musicians, so that they can live a financially empowered, artistically fulfilled, and family-centered life.

I’m a multifaceted concert pianist, educator, entrepreneur, and business strategist for musicians, who has enjoyed a diverse musical career and successful business experience. Having lived in the US, Bolivia, and Cuba has allowed me to gain an empowering and global perspective towards music and entrepreneurship education.

I was also the Founder and Director of the Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program at the University of North Texas, where she spearheaded a major initiative designed to equip young musicians with the key music business and entrepreneurship skills to support 21st-century artistic careers.

My signature business mentorship program, The Musician's Profit Umbrella® helps musicians create new income streams by combining all their skillsets into a profitable high-end offer. I'm on a mission to help musicians all over the world create financially prosperous and artistically-fulfilling lives so they can free-up their, build a legacy, and design their lives on their own terms.

If you’re ready to start charging more and want to learn how to build a compelling personal brand as a performer, teacher or music educator, this 2-Day LIVE virtual retreat is for you!

Join me on Thursday, September 23rd, and Friday, September 24th for
Stand Out Online
A 2-Day Virtual Retreat for Musicians
9:00am - 3:00pm CDT each day

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