Is your music business income able to grow without taking more of your time?

If not, this masterclass is for you.

Discover the 5 steps to win back your time, increase your income, and make your music business self-sustaining - so you can live your life on your terms!

July 8th - 12th | 12pm ET


Is your music business income able to grow without

taking more of your time?

If not, this masterclass is for you.

Discover the 5 steps to win back your time, increase your income, and make your music business self-sustaining - so you can live your life on your terms!

July 8th - 12th | 12pm ET


"I've made $22,00o after 1 month of working with Fabiana!"

Renee Delescavage

Pianist, Soprano Singer, Choir Director, Founder of Renee's Music Studio

Learn how to put your music business on autopilot

During this LIVE, implementation-style masterclass we'll uncover the secrets of Musician's Profit Umbrella® success and what's changed over the last year - so you can:

  • Reinvent your music business to stop trading time for money
  • Design your program to be able to balance your professional, personal, and family priorities
  • Stop putting students on a waitlist or turning down opportunities because of lack of time!
  • And much more!

"Fabiana helped me see how I could provide these lessons in a way that actually saves me a lot of time and I'm effectively able to remove all these extra jobs. My income has grown 8x and I now have more free time!"

Kevin Ure

Professor, Composer, Theorist and Host of The Composing Hour Masterclass Series

"I just made 101k this year with the help of Fabiana Claure! I'm celebrating her support and trusting in her to help me work daily to nurture my musician entrepreneur persona"

Marcie Brown

Professional Cellist and Founder of The Cello Guru

Picture this...

What would it look like if you could scale your online music business so that it
Becomes Your Pathway to
Financial and Artistic Freedom?

At the training, you'll learn the proven framework that has helped our clients reinvent their music businesses with simplicity and strategy, while also nurturing their artistry and improving their quality of life

We're covering:

  • The key strategies and mindset shifts to establish you as a category of one in your field!
  • The strategies to re-engineer your services to build more leverage in your business while also integrating your artistry and creative projects into your day-to-day work activities. No more trading time for money!
  • How To Simplify Your Services By Focusing On The Most Profit-Producing Activities To Effectively Monetize Your Online Visibility
  • How to create more freedom in your business by removing yourself from working IN the business to working ON the business. It's time to delegate and expand!
  • Pricing tactics to reverse-engineer your financial goals for maximum profitability and lifestyle freedom

"I much more fulfilled and have more time for singing and my family. I've exceeded my yearly music teaching income in the first two months of working with Fabiana"

Raquel King

Professional Singer and Founder of King Classical

Are you tired of having to choose between working hours or spending time with your family?

Most musicians who work in the conventional teaching and performing models are trading their time for money. Unless you are physically somewhere at a certain day and time, you cannot earn a living. 

Here’s the problem.

The key to reaching growth is creating LEVERAGE.

And this can only be obtained by working smarter, not harder.

"I've already exceeded my annual music teaching income in 3 months of working with Fabiana and reduced my teaching from 14 hours a week to only 1 hour a week!"

Erin Brophey

Professional Oboist and Director of Oboe Path

Meet the creator of The Musician's Profit Umbrella® Method:
Dr. Fabiana Claure
Pianist and Business Strategist for Musicians

Fabiana, a concert pianist and former University professor turned 7-figure entrepreneur, has empowered thousands of musicians to scale their businesses and reclaim their time. Co-founding Superior Academy of Music® in 2011, she and her husband remotely managed the academy since 2016, achieving increased efficiency and profitability.

As the Founder and Director of the University of North Texas Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program (2016-2021), she spearheaded initiatives that assisted musicians in launching businesses and gaining recognition as a top-ranked program.

While in Academia, she launched her online mentorship program in 2020, using the Musician’s Profit Umbrella® method to help musicians globally scale their businesses. In 2021, she left her full-time University job to focus on her coaching business, performing/speaking career, family, and overall well-being, assisting musicians in unifying their skills and scaling their online music businesses for rapid financial expansion and purposeful life design.

If you know a musician who’d be interested, please share this and invite them to join us! The more the merrier!

Let’s Prosper Together! 

Fabiana Claure has been featured in...

Fabiana Claure has been featured in...

Ready to Step into Action?

I’m here to help you explore the possibilities and I can’t wait to see you inside this live interactive masterclass.

Starting on July 8th at 12pm ET

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