A 1:1 business mentorship intensive designed to give you a new perspective on your business, plus life-changing strategies to shift your financial potential.

Create your breakthrough and step into clarity and action to build the business and life that you truly desire.


Rapid clarity on the next steps you need to take in order to build your business in a profitable and sustainable way.

A boost of confidence and the readiness to become more visible as you promote your offer

1:1 support from Fabiana as you work through your biggest business concerns inside of a customized coaching container. 

A unique strategy that will help you to work through the biggest block that’s keeping you from more clients and greater impact. 

Affirmation that you’re on the right path and increased motivation to take the small steps that you need to start creating a viable online business.

The topic of your 1:1 coaching intensive with Fabiana is completely customizable.

Here’s some examples of what we can create together:

Business Scaling & Optimization Session

You’ve done some of the initial set-ups of your online business, like building a website and starting a Facebook group. Now, your audience is growing and you’re officially ready to launch. Or, maybe you’ve launched before and the results were disappointing. In this power hour session, we’ll map out your comprehensive launch plan to book out the next round of your program. 

Branding and Online Presence Audit

Fabiana will review your existing branding, your online presence strategy including your organic rankings on Google, your content strategy, and up to 4 social media platforms. You’ll walk away with a clear action plan for boosting your online presence and building a strong authority as a thought leader in the music industry. 

Launch preparation strategy 

If you are getting ready to launch your music program or newly designed offer or website, this session will allow you to optimize your efforts leading up to your launch. Fabiana will evaluate your existing launch strategy and will give you both a high-level strategic overview as well as the in-depth tactical tools to help you build the necessary momentum to reach the best results.

Funnel optimizations for systematic lead generation 

Fabiana will help you better understand how to systematize your lead generation strategy to attract premium-paying customers on a regular basis. Building your funnel means setting up a simple, repeatable system to help potential clients get to know you, build trust with you and enroll in your program. This is one of the keys to creating a thriving online business. 

Strategically creating systems and building your team for the ultimate leverage in your business

Fabiana and you will explore how you could optimize your business operations and where are the areas that you could bring in more support. Most importantly, Fabiana will show you HOW to delegate in a way that grows your music business instead of draining all your energy. Having created a multi-six-figure business 10 years ago that now runs without her halfway across the country, Fabiana can show you that this is possible and that setting your business for growth and scalability is more possible than you think.

Power Hour - 2 Weeks VIP Intensive

In this fully customizable session, we’ll uncover what your biggest opportunity is when it comes to creating a new stream of income and growing your online business. The biggest benefit of this session is getting expert clarity so that you’re only spending time on the activities that will accelerate your business growth. If you want customized guidance but you’re not sure what exactly you should be working on, I’ll help you determine that in my strategic pre-call questionnaire so that we can make the most of our call together. Branding and online presence, designing your funnel, audience building or launching are just a sample of the topics we can discuss on the call. Please note, the power hour is limited to one topic per call.

This package includes a 1 hour 1:1 intensive, one 30 minute follow-up call and two weeks of Voxer support.




After buying you’ll be redirected to Fabiana’s calendar to book your first call.


✨ One-on-one intensive with Fabiana -  power hour

✨Pre-call Musician’s Profit Umbrella® strategic questionnaire

You’ll receive an intake form with questions designed to help you create instant breakthroughs and being the process of gaining clarity in preparation for our session.

✨Pre-call review and strategic analysis

This is where Fabiana will evaluate what you are currently offering, how you are positioning yourself online, and she’ll identify where could the untapped potential be for you to optimize your business and overall strategy.

✨Call recordings

All calls are 100% unique and customized, and you'll be sent both recordings as well as a Google Doc with notes on the most important ideas, tools, and resources Fabiana shares with you during the calls.

✨The ultimate magic ingredient: TWO WEEKS with Fabiana in your back pocket (Mon-Fri) -- for accelerated results during implementation!
For two weeks following your first call with Fabiana, you'll have access to her both via email and voice messaging (via Voxer) for quick feedback on any questions you may have as you implement all the strategies we discussed in your call.

✨Wrap-up 30 min session after 2 week intensive: In this call Fabiana and you will finalize your strategy after the 2-week implementation period to make sure you are fully equipped to be continue executing on the strategic plan we created during your power-hour intensive.

Client Testimonials

"Made 5K yesterday to reach my yearly [6 figure income] goal. Celebrating the support of Fabiana Claure, coach extraordinaire, and trusting in her to help me work daily to access and nurture my musician entrepreneur persona.

Marcie Brown
The Cello Guru,
Professional Cellist for over 30 years

"The investment I made, I look at it as an investment. It wasn't just a waste of money or things like that or some people may say it's a debt, but it was an investment because now based on my clients, I've made that money and not only clients but what I've done with media, what I've done with just regular published compositions and collecting the royalties from that after putting this together, I've made back my investment."

Jessica Muñiz-Collado
Composer, percussionist, University educator, and NIZCO Music Founder

After taking the program, I found a clearer vision for my future, felt ease in my everyday work, and created bigger dreams to aspire to... I have now tripled my rates compared to a year ago.”

Dr. Irina Pevzner
Executive Director and Piano Professor at Charleston Academy of Music

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

I know my business needs help, but I don’t know where to start to get things back on track. Can the 1:1 intensive help me? 

Yes! I begin each 1:1 experience with a strategic questionnaire where I identify not only your business opportunities, but also where you might be getting stuck. Getting 1:1 support is the fastest way to accelerate your results and get laser clarity on your best next steps. 

How soon after booking my 1:1 Intensive does the session actually take place? 

Sessions take place within 1 week of booking. After your 1:1 Intensive, you’ll also have access to Fabiana through Voxer for an additional 2 weeks. This is the highest level of support that I offer, and I’m certain you’ll experience some big breakthroughs if you maximize all of the support I offer inside this container. 

What kind of breakthroughs can I expect during my time with Fabiana? 

The session is completely tailored to you. Some of the topics that are popular include an audit of your branding and online presence, launch preparation strategy, funnel optimization and strategically building systems and your team. In my experience, all of these topics are fundamental to master in your business. My goal for our time together is to focus on the biggest area of opportunity for you, so you can experience a leap in your growth.

If you’re ready for clarity, confidence, 1:1 support and Fabiana’s trusted strategies, this offer is for you!

Buy now!

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